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LAST REVISION: 4/14/2022


What are cookies and other similar technologies?

Cookies and web storage technologies that enable local and temporary storage ("cookies") make it easier for you to interact with our website. These are usually small text files that are downloaded to your device from your Internet browser when you visit our website. We also place cookies on your device when you interact with third-party website technologies, such as scripts, pixels and tags, which we integrate on our website for advertising purposes.


We also use other technologies similar to cookies. We use this to pass on information that we have collected about you when you visit our website to other applications.

Below you will find information about the use of these technologies and how you can change the cookie settings according to your preferences.


Why do we use cookies?

To optimize your online experience

Cookies perform various functions that help us make your online experience smoother and more interactive. In particular, if you use the same device and the same browser as when you visited our website before. 


Some cookies are considered essential for the operation and maintenance of the American Fiber websites and enable us to provide you with the following functions:

  • Access to services and functionalities at any time;

  • Consistent and updated information;

  • A seamless online experience.

  • To provide you with content and offers tailored to your interests

  • American Fiber uses advertising and targeting cookies. These cookies store information from your surfing history in order to record your interests and surfing activities on our website. This enables us or our partners:

  • Advertise American Fiber products on other websites based on your visits to our website; 

  • Combine and optimize our information so that the American Fiber online ads you see are relevant to you and your interests. 

  • To help us improve our websites


With the help of cookies, we can improve our websites by analyzing how visitors use them. We look at what content is popular and use this information to predict what else visitors might find interesting or useful. This helps us:

  • understand how visitors use our websites so we can do them better and improve the visitor's experience;

  • try different ideas and display content that is most relevant to individual visitors.


Cookies also help us to understand how you use our website and how you interact with us, so that you do not have to inform us every time you visit one of our websites. For example, they can be used to remember your preferences and your user ID when you visit us. If we know your preferences and what you like, we can:

  • Offer you a more personalized Ambassador experience by helping you navigate to the most relevant pages more efficiently; save certain personal preferences, such as your language setting and preferred configurations;

  • Modify content according to your preferences and provide you with personalized content.


Types of cookies

American Fiber and its partners use different types of cookies depending on their function and purpose. These cookies are described in more detail in this cookie policy and can be managed in your cookie settings. 


Cookie settings: YOU'RE IN CONTROL!


We use the following cookies:


Strictly Necessary Cookies - Always on

We use these cookies to:

  • Identify you and enable you to log into your user account;

  • To save your previous actions, such as choosing your cookie consent.

  • Mandatory cookies enable you to use our website and the functions we offer. Without these cookies, you would not be able to use the website, including viewing a version and presentation of the website that matches the internet connection you are using. In addition, these cookies ensure that the function of switching from http to https takes place when changing pages. Your consent is not required for the use of essential cookies.

  • These cookies cannot be deactivated / switched off by using one of the functions on this website.


Performance cookies (including function-related cookies) - you can choose to accept these cookies

We use performance cookies to;

  • to see how you use our website;

  • learn more about your personal move between the pages;

  • improve our website and tailor it to your preferences.


Performance or analysis cookies collect information about how visitors interact with our websites. This allows us to see the pages visited, giving us a more complete picture of customer history. They do not collect or store any information that can be directly associated with you. The information collected through such cookies is further processed in an aggregated and therefore anonymous manner. These cookies are only used to improve the performance of the website and to tailor the experience to your needs. Performance cookies are used to better understand user behavior on the website from the time of access.


We use functiona' cookies to:

  • Provide multimedia content;

  • Keep your data safe when you are logged in.


Function-related cookies enable a website to save information that has already been entered (such as usernames and language selection) so that it can offer you improved and more convenient functions. For example, a website can provide you with more relevant local information if it uses a cookie to remember your region. Function-related cookies are also used to enable the functions you have requested, such as playing videos, but are only activated by the user. These cookies help us to provide a website that can be used in the best possible way. You can deactivate these cookies at any time via the settings in this cookies policy or in your browser. 


Targeting cookies

We use and allow third parties to use these cookies to:

  • Provide online advertising that provides you with relevant information;

  • To prevent the same advertisement from appearing over and over again.


These cookies are used to deliver advertising and other marketing communications that are more relevant to you and your interests. They remember whether you have visited a website and share this information with, for example, advertising and media agencies. In addition, advertising cookies can be used by our partners to create profiles so that they can show you relevant advertisements on other websites and create a similar audience. They also make it possible to limit the number of ads shown to you to avoid overdose and user annoyance.


What do you need to know about cookies?

Cookies contribute to a better and faster online experience. A cookie is a small text file that stores Internet settings. Almost every website uses cookies or similar technologies. Cookies are downloaded from your Internet browser and stored on your device when you visit a website for the first time.


The next time you visit the same website with the same device, the website that originally set the cookie to be saved will recognize that you have visited the website before and in some cases adapt the content to reflect your recent visits to consider. This allows the website experience to be tailored to your personal interests and preferences.


First party cookies vs. Third party cookies

First-party cookies are cookies that American Fiber uses on the website you are currently visiting and with which you interact while using our websites.


Our websites may also contain content from other websites that may use their own cookies. These cookies are set by someone other than American Fiber. These third parties can set cookies while you are visiting the American Fiber website and receive information such as the fact that you have loaded an American Fiber website. You need to visit these third-party websites to find out more about how they use these cookies.


If you have decided that you do not want to accept cookies from third parties, you can object to these cookies or withdraw your consent to these cookies by using the corresponding function in the "Cookie settings" section. If you reject all cookies from third-party providers, you will only be able to use functionalities on our website for which we can guarantee that they will work without these cookies.


What if I refuse cookies?

If you choose to refuse cookies that require your prior consent, we will not use such cookies. If you decide to withdraw the consent previously given to us, we will no longer use the cookies in question and will delete them (if they are first-party cookies). However, this means that in the case of functional cookies you cannot use all the advantages and functions of our website. You can also refuse performance cookies. In this case, we will be less able to understand what you like or dislike about our website so that we can do better. 


We cannot delete third-party cookies. If you want to delete all third-party cookies, you have to do this in your own browser settings. Even if you decline or withdraw your consent to advertising cookies, you will not necessarily receive less advertising - but the advertising you see will not be tailored to your needs.


Management of the cookie settings via your browser

You can manage the cookie settings on our website using the functions mentioned above (activate / deactivate and delete), but also by changing your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to manage your cookies by either accepting or rejecting all cookies or only accepting certain types of cookies. The procedure for managing and deleting cookies can usually be found in the integrated help function of your browser.


Who is legally responsible for the use of American Fiber cookies?

The cookies described in this Cookie Policy are used in connection with a website owned and controlled by American Fiber, located at 4023 Kennett Pike, No. 302, Greenville, DE 198078. If personal data is processed through the use of first-party cookies, American Fiber or its third-party website hosts determine the means and purposes of this processing and are the data controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679).


Our online privacy policy applies in addition to this cookie policy. The privacy policy tells you how CCS uses, stores and protects personal information collected online. It also informs you about your data protection rights and how you can exercise them. We recommend that you read this privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns about the Cookie Policy or Privacy Policy, you can email us at


Alternatively, you can write to us at: 


American Fiber Company

4023 Kennett Pike, No. 302

Greenville, Delaware 19807

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